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Foreign investors expand their business in Indonesia. Besides foreign investors, local investors also participate in business development in Indonesia. Indonesia Global Law Firm is here to support the development of your business in Indonesia from a legal perspective. We provides:

1. Drafting Documents

The legal document drafting services that we provide are systematically structured from making agreements, editing to proof-reading, and copyediting pre-drafted documents. Our experts can also analyze agreement clauses and court documents and rewritten them to ensure that they had the same meaning when applied in a different jurisdiction.

2. Review Documents

We will help you to efficiently collect and analyze large amounts of data from a wider variety of sources. Inherent sensitivity to data, including privileged information, has the strong combination of human and machine intelligence necessary to enable analysis and its security.

3. Legal Due Diligence

Legal Audit is an examination and / or assessment of legal issues concerning or related to a company. We provide to examine your company for initial public offering (IPO), merger, consolidation, acquisition, syndicated credit transaction and so forth.

4. Merger and Acquisition

We can assist companies and investment funds in various phases in acquiring companies or selling business divisions. Its services are tailored to meet the specific needs of each company, with an emphasis on the industry or sector to help define strategies, achieve goals and identify opportunities.

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